Other Funding Opportunities

Preventing Violence Affecting Young Lives - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - application deadline May 1, 2021
Seeks to address multiple forms of violence impacting adolescents and young adults, particularly in communities with high rates of violence by implementing prevention approaches with an emphasis on the outer levels of the social-ecological model (i.e., community/societal levels).

Domestic Hunger Grants - Evangelical Lutheran Church in America - registration deadline May 5, 2021
Funds nonprofit organization able to demonstrate an established relationship with an ELCA congregation, ministry, or institution and working to address local issues such as food security, clean water, housing, job readiness, human rights, policy change, leadership development, and more.


Stronger Democracy Award - Lever for Change - registration deadline June 22, 2021
Awards funds to solutions that will drive structural reforms to help improve political representation and increase participation of all citizens in the United States democratic process in one of the following key areas: voting and elections, policymaking, and civic engagement. 

Encouraging Citizen Involvement - Herb Block Foundation - application deadline August 17, 2021
Focuses on projects that promote citizen education and greater voter participation in the electoral process. All projects must be nonpartisan and may not involve lobbying for specific legislation or candidates.

Communities Transforming Policing Fund - Borealis Philanthropy - rolling deadline
Resources local communities impacted by deadly and discriminatory policing practices to build power, increase police accountability and transparency, and redefine safety by advocating for investment in community-based programs and services as alternatives to police, jails, and prisons. Priority consideration will be given to Black, Indigenous, and people of color-led organizations and organizations led by individuals who have been directly impacted by the criminal legal system.

Pollination Project Seed Grant - rolling deadline
Uplifts grassroots changemakers whose work helps build a kinder, more compassionate world in a variety of areas. 

Connect for Success - Mobile Beacon - rolling deadline 
Grants for educators to expand access to technology for students in 50 available cities within Sprint's 4G LTE service area

Financial Literacy Funding - Discover Foundation - rolling deadline
Supports individual and organizations so they can continue the push to promote financial wellness, regardless of whether a project is in the beginning stages or has already achieved success. 

ioby Crowd Resourcing - "in our backyards" - rolling deadline 
Crowdfunding platform to help connect local leaders with support and funding from their communities.

Awesome Grants - The Awesome Foundation - rolling deadline
Autonomous chapters support individual or group projects through out-of-pocket micro-grants, $1,000 or the local equivalent, from the chapter's "trustees," usually given out monthly.