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What is Grounding Values?

NACEDA and the Urban Institute have embarked on a 3-year research study (2021–2023) on the financial health, programs, production, and services of community-based development organizations (CBDOs) throughout the United States. Our goal is for this study’s findings to fundamentally change the systems in our field that decide where, how, and for whom resources are deployed. All data, findings, and methodology will be made public. A study of this breadth has never been undertaken. The last CBDO census was conducted in 2005. Watch the session announcing Grounding Values at our Resilient Communities Forum. 

How will this information be used?

  • Resources: This research will help the community development sector target resources, advocate for new funding structures, and reimagine relationships with investors and resources.

  • Capability: The results will be used to test key hypotheses about how community-based development organizations are meeting community needs and industry expectations.

  • Adaptability: The study will help our sector prepare for social and economic changes driven by climate change, calls for racial justice, and shifts in local market conditions

  • Leadership: We will use the results to support diverse leaders currently emerging in our sector as they meet this moment in history.

Become a Grounding Values Partner!

NACEDA has gathered national, state, and regional leaders to advance the research in order to build and improve the systems that advance community prosperity in the United States. We invite you to join us as we attempt to collect comprehensive data to inform answers to some of our field’s most fundamental questions.

Sign up here to become a partner on the Grounding Values research project. We will email findings to you as they become available and keep you posted on opportunities to make this study more comprehensive and effective.

Who’s already involved?

Grounding Values Advisory Committee

  • Seema Agnani, Executive Director, National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development
  • Miriam Alex-Lute, CEO and Editor-In-Chief, Shelterforce 
  • Roberto Barragan, Executive Director, California Community Economic Development Association
  • Marla Bilonick, President & CEO, National Alliance of Latino Community Asset Builders
  • Paul Singh, Vice President of Community Initiatives, NeighborWorks America
  • Andrew Jakabovics, Vice President for Public Policy, Enterprise Community Partners
  • Bryan Kieler, Senior Vice President for Community Development, PNC Bank
  • Mark Kudlowitz, Senior Policy Director, LISC
  • David Lipsetz, President & CEO, Housing Assistance Council
  • Kathy Flanagan Payton, President & CEO, Fifth Ward Community Redevelopment Corporation Community
  • Andrea Ponsor, President & CEO, Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future 
  • Racquel Reddie, Managing Director for Community Development, National Community Stabilization Trust
  • Lou Tisler, Executive Director, National NeighborWorks Association
  • Vince WangGrounded Solutions Network 

NACEDA Members

NACEDA’s members are dedicated to making sure this study is effective. Each has contributed lists of organizations ensuring this study reaches organizations in all corners of the country.

Funding Partners

The Grounding Values study is made possible thanks to the generous support of these funders:
PNC, Truist, LISC, NeighborWorks America, JPMorgan Chase