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The Financial Health of Community-Based 
Development Organizations

Commissioned by NACEDA, the Urban Institute analyzed 990 forms and other data filed by community-based development organizations in the United States from 2001–2018. We encourage you to use this report and the accompanying fact sheet to advance your advocacy, fundraising, and capacity-building goals. 

The Unprecedented Report

140 Fact Sheets

  • National Fact Sheet — This fact sheet summarizes the report. Find out where nonprofit developers are concentrated nationally, what the sector looks like financially, how organizational size and region matters to financial health, and how financial characteristics have changed over time.

  • State and Metro Area Fact Sheets —This document includes fact sheets for all 50 states and the District of Columbia plus 84 metropolitan statistical areas. Access data on average financial characteristics for nonprofit developers within each state, as well as select metropolitan areas containing at least 10 non-profit developers. To download individual fact sheets, follow these instructions.

  • Northeastern, MidwesternSouthern & Western Fact Sheets — These regional fact sheets highlight where nonprofit community developers are concentrated by state and what the sector looks in each region.

Technical Report & Datasets 

The Urban Institute's Grounding Values Project Page includes all of the resources above.

NACEDA Summit Presentations

The Financial Health report was released at the NACEDA Summit on September 15, 2022. Access the slide presentations:

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