Racial Equity 

NAACP: Ten Equity Implications of the Coronavirus COVID-19 Outbreak in the United States includes sections on “Civil Rights Advocacy Recommendations” and “Promising Emerging Equity Based Efforts” with examples of nonprofits taking direct equity-based action.

The Movement for Black Lives: National Demands During COVID-19 lists policy platforms centered on protecting Black communities during the pandemic.

Chinese for Affirmative Action: Stop Hate reporting center is a place to report harassment, discrimination and bigotry targeted at Asians and Asian-Americans due to the spread and development of the Coronavirus. Incident forms are available in English, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, Thai, and Japanese. 

Biden-Harris Administration: The Build Back Better plan includes pledges to advance racial equity in the face of COVID-19 by removing barriers to participation in our economy, expanding access to opportunity, and fully enforcing existing policies and laws.