NACEDA Member COVID-19 Listserv Instructions

NACEDA has created a new listserv for ALL members as a way to ask questions and share resources related to COVID-19 and your organizational and local responses. Below are four pieces of crucial information:

1. How to subscribe to the listserv 
NOTE: You must be subscribed to be able to send/receive messages on the listserv. 

2. How to contact the listserv
3. Ground rules for the listserv
4. Reminder of other NACEDA listservs

  1. To access your listserv subscriptions, log into the NACEDA website (Click the Member Login button in the upper right corner. Your Username is your email, click "Reset Password" to set your password). Then, go to to your Member Profile. Hover over the My Features menu option and click on the E-List button on the drop-down menu. You will now see the listservs that you are eligible for. Toggle the subscribe button to join the COVID-19 listserv.

    Access listservs

  2. You can contact the listserv by emailing [email protected]

    NOTE: Replies to listserv messages will go to the whole group. Change the "to" in your email to write to an individual.

  3. Listserv ground rules/reminders:

    • Anyone who is subscribed to the listserv can send an email to the group.  The listserv is not moderated, which means all posts will be immediately sent to the group of subscribers, so use common sense and discretion on what you send out.
    • Note that all replies to listserv emails will go to the entire group. If you want to discuss the message with only one person, forward the message to that person.
    • Please stick to the theme of the listserv – share only questions or information related to COVID-19 and the response. 

  4. NACEDA's voting members have access to 10 additional listservs. Use the same information above to access and manage your listserv subscriptions.