Planning for a COVID-19 Outbreak in Your Community from Leading Age provides a framework for organizations developing messaging for media consumption and/or responding to press inquiries about diagnosed cases of COVID-19 in your organization. 

Frameworks Institute: Framing COVID-19 provides guidance on effective and inclusive communications during the pandemic, including guidance on making a powerful case for nonprofits.

Housing Action Illinois: Talking About Homelessness and Housing During COVID-19 provides sample messaging on housing and homelessness that members may find useful to quote, adopt, or adapt.

Berkeley Media Studios Group: Talking about health, housing & COVID-19: Keeping Equity at the Forefront provides tools and language to elevate equity-focused solutions in housing and health news for press communication and advocacy.

Opportunity Agenda: Vision, Values & Voice communications toolkit provides guidance for developing values-based messages for those working to influence long-term public thinking about social justice issues while also crafting effective short-term campaigns.

Looking Glass Creative: Online Event Resources provides comparison of online event tools plus tips for hosting successful online online meetings.