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Resource Hubs

Federal Resource Hub for Small Businesses America's SBDC and Association of Women's Centers
Consolidates COVID-19 information and resources from multiple federal agencies in one place. The website also features a tool to help small business owners and entrepreneurs connect with advisors and mentors who can offer free, one-on-one local support. 

Grants with Hard Deadlines

Yield Giving Open Call - Mackenzie Scott's Yield Giving - Deadline 05/5/2023
Funding supports a broad range of activities for community-led organizations who advance the voices and opportunities of low-income individuals and families. Organizations best suited will focus on providing access to health care, affordable housing, education and job training, support for sustained employment, asset ownership, civic engagement and other pathways.

Rural Innovation Stronger Economics (RISE) - Department of Agriculture - Deadline 04/20/2023 - Funding Opportunity Number: RD-RBS-23-01-RISE
Provides grants to provide financial assistance in support of innovation centers and job accelerator programs that improve the ability of distressed rural communities to create high wage jobs, accelerate the formation of new businesses, and help rural communities identify and maximize local assets.

Rural Microentrepreneur Assistance Program - Department of Agriculture - Deadline 06/30/2023 - Funding Opportunity Number: RD-RBCS-23-RMAP
Provides loans and grants for Microenterprise Development Organizations (MDOs). Funding will help microenterprises with startup and growth through a Rural Microloan Revolving Fund, as well as provide training and technical assistance to microloan borrowers and micro entrepreneurs. Program is designed for rural areas outside a city or town with a population of fewer than 50,000 residents.

Grants with Rolling Deadlines

Section 108 Loan Guarantee Program - HUD - Rolling Deadline, Non-competitive
Allows local governments and states to leverage up to 5 times their current CDBG grant into federally guaranteed loans large enough to pursue physical and economic revitalization projects capable of redeveloping entire neighborhoods. Public investment such as Section 108 loans can spur private economic activity, providing the resources or the confidence that private firms and individuals may need to invest in distressed areas. HUD’s Financial Management Division provides 1-on-1 Technical Assistance for interested borrowers.

Truist Foundation Grants - The Truist Foundation - Rolling Deadline
Supports sustainable development of programs focused on building career pathways to economic mobility and strengthening small businesses. Capital campaign requests may be considered if in alignment with foundation priorities.

Public Works and Economic Adjustment Assistance Programs - U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration - Rolling Deadline - Funding Opportunity Number: PWEAA2020
Supports construction, nonconstruction, planning, technical assistance, and revolving loan fund projects under EDA’s Public Works program and EAA program (which includes Assistance to Coal Communities and Nuclear Closure Communities).

Economic Development Assistance Programs - U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration - Deadline based on program
Various programs fund eligible entities to enable regional innovation economies to rapidly address the economic, health, and safety risks caused by the coronavirus pandemic through entrepreneurship and innovation.

Community Possible Grant Program - The US Bank Foundation - Rolling Deadline
Grants to non-profit organizations in 25 states served by the Bank that advance the following funding priorities: artistic and enrichment learning, workforce education and economic prosperity, and focusing on neighborhood stability and revitalization. This year, the Foundation is moving to an invitation only application; however, it will accept letters of interest to identify organizations with unique and innovative programs that fit within its areas of interest. 

Grant Program - Community Heart & Soul - Rolling Deadline 
Provides $10,000 in startup funding for resident-driven groups in small cities and towns with populations of 2,500 to 30,000. Requires a $10,000 cash match from the participating municipality or a partnering organization.

Fund For A Just Society - Unitarian Universalist Foundation - Rolling Deadline

Supports groups that meet all 3 of the following criteria: 1) uses community organizing to bring about systemic change* leading to a more just society; 2) mobilizes those who have been disenfranchised and excluded from resources, power and the right to self-determination; 3) has an active focused campaign to create systemic change.

Rapid Response & Community Protection Resources - Emergent Fund - Rolling Deadline
Focuses on grassroots organizing and power building in BIPOC communities that are facing injustice based on racial, ethnic, religious, and other forms of discrimination.

De Colores Rapid Response Fund - Rolling Admission
Supports organizing in U.S. grassroots communities, with a focus on communities of color, poor and working class, and the effects of in-the-moment issues (i.e. Hurricane Maria or #MeToo). 

Presbyterian Mission Agency Grants - Rolling Deadline
Funds projects that are presented, owned, and controlled by the group of economically poor people who will benefit directly from it.

Community Facilities Fund - Rural LISC - Rolling Deadline
Offers technical assistance and predevelopment grants to Rural LISC partner organizations in areas with populations under 20,000; preference for high poverty or persistent poverty areas.

Community Giving Grants - Wells Fargo - Rolling Deadline
Funding priorities: housing affordability, small business growth, and financial health.

Local Impact Grants - Duke Energy Foundation - Rolling Deadline
Provides Local Impact Grants of up to $10,000 to nonprofit organizations in the Carolinas, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee whose programs focus on one of the Foundation's investment priorities: K-12 Education, Workforce, Nature, and State Strategic Impact. 

Product Grant Program - Cisco - Rolling Deadline
Donates networking technology to qualified nonprofit organizations to help them realize significant gains in productivity, scalability, and cost-efficiency. Grants prioritize the following social investment areas: critical human needs, access to education, and economic empowerment.

Non-Profit Training Resource Fund - TD Bank - Rolling Deadline
Professional education grants for employees of community-based organizations on the East Coast that focus on affordable housing, economic development; financial literacy, and after-school or extracurricular programming.

Strong Communities - Georgia Pacific Foundation - Rolling Deadline 
Works with community-based programs, service projects and disaster relief efforts located within 30 miles of a Georgia-Pacific manufacturing community, focusing investment in four areas: education, environment, enrichment and entrepreneurship.

Citizens Bank Corporate Giving -
Citizens Bank Foundation - Rolling Deadline 
Programs focused on one of three funding areas: reducing hunger, financial literacy, and local economic development. Available to nonprofits in Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, upstate New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont.