Grant Opportunities for BIPOC-Led Groups and Antiracist Efforts

Cross-Racial Healing and Solidarity - Nellie Mae Education Foundation - application deadline May 6, 2021
Seeks to support New England-based organizations engaged in courageous conversations across racial groups of AAPI youth and other Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) youth during these challenging times including;  affinity and healing spaces; communications and storytelling; planning for virtual and/or in-person socially distanced rallies; town halls; content creation and dissemination in support of youth/adult learning and healing; and the development of a proposal for transformative justice. 

Native American Agriculture Fund - application deadline June 1, 2021
Supports projects that deliver developed content with practical application to the success of Native farmers and ranchers in line with the four areas important to the success of Native farmers and ranchers — business assistance, agricultural education, technical support, and advocacy. 

Consumer Health Foundation - application deadline July 16, 2021
Supports community-based and nonprofit organizations in the District of Columbia, suburban Maryland, and Northern Virginia that are committed to and operationalizing racial equity and undertaking community organizing and community engagement and advocacy at local, state, and regional levels. 

Communities Transforming Policing Fund - Borealis Philanthropy - rolling deadline
Grants to resource local communities impacted by deadly and discriminatory policing practices to build power, increase police accountability and transparency, and redefine safety by advocating for investment in community-based programs as alternatives to police, jails, and prisons with priority given to Black-, Indigenous-, or People of Color (BIPOC)-led organizations and organizations led by individuals who have been directly impacted by the criminal legal system.

Life Comes From It - applications taken August - December each year
Supports grassroots movement-building work rooted in lived experience and relationships for restorative justice, transformative justice, and indigenous peacemaking led by communities of color. 

The Public Welfare Foundation - rolling deadline
Current focus areas include: transformative approaches to youth and adult criminal justice reform; Black-led movement building; community-based solutions that reduce the over-reliance on mass incarceration; and storytelling and journalism efforts that reframe the narrative around the U.S. criminal justice system. 

Building Resilience in Indigenous Communities Initiative -  Honor the Earth - rolling deadline
Awards grants solely to organizations that are led and managed by Native peoples. Priority is given to grassroots, community-based organizations and groups with a lack of access to federal and/or tribal funding resources. 

Emergent Strategies and Social Justice & Economic Justice Grants - rolling deadline
Prioritizes Black, Indigenous, and people of color-led organizations primarily engaged in one of the following activities: coalitions/alliances; mobilization; organizing and advocacy; healing, inspiration, and liberation; access to digital spaces. 

De Colores Rapid Response Fund - rolling deadline
Supports organizing in U.S. grassroots communities, with a focus on communities of color, poor and working class, and the effects of in-the-moment issues (i.e. Hurricane Maria or #MeToo).

Nathan Cummings Foundation - rolling deadline
Focuses on finding solutions to the climate crisis and growing inequality – particularly for women and people of color.