Affordable Housing Grant Opportunities

Older Adults Home Modification Grant Program - HUD - application deadline May 4, 2021
Provides funds for experienced nonprofit organizations, states and local governments, and public housing authorities that have at least 3 years of experience in providing services to elderly persons. Funding Opportunity Number: FR-6400-N-69.

Capacity Building for Community Development and Affordable Housing - HUD - application deadline May 11, 2021
Enhances the capacity and ability of community development corporations (CDCs) and community housing development organizations (CHDOs) to carry out affordable housing and community development activities. Funding Opportunity Number: FR-6400-N-07.

Supportive Housing for the Elderly Program - HUD - application deadline May 26, 2021
Provides Capital Advance funding and project rental subsidies for the development and ongoing operation of supportive rental housing for very low-income persons, aged 62 years or older. Funding Opportunity Number: FR-6400-N-52.

Economic mobility focused on needs of the community - Bank of America Charitable Foundation - application deadline June 25, 2021 
Focuses on nonprofit organizations addressing issues fundamental to economic mobility and social progress in low- and moderate-income communities including affordable housing, small business, and neighborhood revitalization.

Community Giving Grants - Wells Fargo - rolling deadline
Focuses on organizations that are strategically aligned with funding priorities: housing affordability, small business growth and financial health.

Non-Profit Training Resource Fund -  TD Bank - rolling deadline
Grants to attend classes/courses for employees of community-based organizations in states on the East Coast which have a mission/focus that promotes one of the following: Affordable housing for low- to moderate-income individuals; Increased economic (small business) development; Financial literacy for low- and moderate-income youth, individuals or families; After-school or extracurricular programming for low- and moderate-income children.