Action Alerts

Sign-On Letters 

Congressional Sign-On Letter from the Coalition on Human Needs

Sign this letter to urge Congress to pass a budget that promotes opportunity for all, safeguards and advances our basic living standards, and protects our environment. You can sign on as an individual or an organization. The deadline is June 12.

Urge Congress to Reform the Mortgage Interest Deduction and Invest the Savings In Housing

Ask your representative to cosponsor the Common Sense Housing Investment Act of 2017 (H.R. 948) calls for modest reforms to the mortgage interest deduction, a $70 billion tax write-off that largely benefits America’s highest-income households, and reinvests the significant savings into providing affordable housing for people with the greatest needs. The bill would boost funding for the Housing Trust Fund, the Low Income Housing Tax Credit, and public housing.

Urge Congress To Protect the Home Investment Partnerships Program

The HOME Coalition also recently led a national sign-on letter urging Congress to restore HOME funding to $1.2 billion in FY 18, with a record 1,364 organizations signed on. The HOME Coalition is still encouraging national, state and local organizations to sign the letter and to join the HOME Coalition to receive action alerts and policy updates on the HOME Program.